Mike Caldwell – Resume – Sacramento, CA 95841

Job Type and Where:

1) Permanent positions

2) Located in the Sacramento California (DownTown, Citrus Heights, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, North Highlands etc..) and outlaying areas like Downtown, Rocklin, Roseville, Rancho Cordova

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Sacramento, CA

MSSQL Senior DBA, Systems Engineer, Programmer, ETL Developer, MIRTH EDI – HL7 Interface specialist, GE Centricity EMR & PM Engineer

Career Summary

MSSQL Developer, DBA, Programmer, Systems Engineer, ETL Developer, Business Analyst, GE Centricity PM/EMR Engineer, Specialized in MIRTH – GE MIK – GE LinkLogic, Internet Technologies, Help Desk Support. Proven leadership capabilities in assessing the needs of clients, providing workable strategies and implementing solutions. Extensive background in researching, troubleshooting and development. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Able to work under tight deadlines and multiple projects. Committed to quality work and customer service while working efficiently and cost effectively. Mechanic and Internet Reseller.

Professional Experience

Senior MSSQL DBA / Network Support  / Programmer    
PeopleFinders.Com    Sacramento, CA
JAN 6, 2015 – PRESENT 
FEB 2013 – NOV 2014       

  • Resolving database integrity issues, performance issues, blocking and deadlocking issues,
  • Resolving partitioning/replication issues, log shipping issues, connectivity issues, security issues etc.
  • Manage Daily Reporting Systems, migrations, index management, integrity checks, configuration, patching.
  • Performance Tuning, Query Optimization, SQL Profiler and other related monitoring
  • Troubleshoot SQL Server related CPU, Memory, I/O, disk space and other resource contention issues
  • Managed  Clustering, Partitioning, Replication, backups, restores, recovery models, database auditing
  • SQL Server tools ( SSMS, Oracle WorkBench, VisualSQL, SQLSentry, SQL Profiler, PerfMon, DMVs, Visual Query Build )
  • SQL Development ( stored procs, functions, tables, views, triggers, indexes, constraints )
  • Created Documented processes and procedures
  • SQL Database Operational support to programmers and tech users
  • Worked with 3rd party DBA tools and applications ( e.g redgate, idera )
  • Programmed scripting languages like Powershell, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, HTML, ASP
  • Provide database documentation, including data definitions, procedures, and designs.
  • Ensure storage, archival, backup, and recovery procedures are functioning correctly
  • Guarantee the performance and integrity of the data, optimizing database performance.
  • Control system capacity for existing requirements and plan for future needs.
  • Innovative, objectively providing alternatives and solutions to problems and projects.
  • Problem solved and worked individually, as part of a team, to meet the needs of projects.

MSSQL Developer – DBA * Mirth Interface Developer * Network Administrator * Programmer
LifeMedID  – Citrus Heights, CA

FEB 2013 – NOV 2014            

  • DBA, SQL Development used with MIRTH (HL7) Channels, MSSQL, BI, Excel, Access, VB6, CSV and scheduled jobs
  • Developed a one of a kind smart card system for a hospital in Maine using two EMR systems CPSI and Centricity EMR
  • Migrated google email services over to Office 365 and managed Office 365.
  • Network Administrator. Repurposed available Hardware.
  • Created a mobile website and mobile client as a prototype for a very large client in Africa.
  • Created a Demo System with GE CPS Medical Program and LifeMedID Smart Card program

MSSQL \ Oralcle 10g Senior DBA * Mirth Interface Developer * Systems Administrator * Programmer * GE Centricity Senior Support Engineer PM & EMR * Application Developer
Alliance HealthCare Solutions – Rocklin, CA

FEB 2003 – FEB 2013 (10 YEARS)  

  • Migrated Centricity Oracle EMR databases to GE CPS EMR on MSSQL.
  • Setup MSSQL and MS Terminal Servers, installed client and server applications and server services.
  • Primary SQL DBA on MSSQL, Oracle 10-11G and MySQL
  • ETL Developer using MIRTH (HL7) Channels, MSSQL, BI, Access, MIK, LinkLogic, Excel, VB6, CSV and scheduled jobs
  • Wrote many custom support programs in a variety of other programming languages Managed servers locally, virtual machines (VMware and Hyper-V) in an ASP infrastructure
  • GE Centricity Senior Support Engineer for CPS Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records
  • Using VB6 I created DLL/OCX plugins to create and send HL7 billing / eligibility files with Zirmed and Capario EDI clearinghouses of type ANSI X12 4010/5010 (835 ERA Resp, 837 Claims, 270 Elig Req, 271 Elig Resp files)
  • Installed 100’s of GE Centricity Oracle EMR and Centricity CPS MSSQL systems on Windows Server
  • (ETL) Authored 100’s of interface channels using MIRTH, Millbrook Interface Kit (MIK) and LinkLogic
  • Trained and assisted staff in documenting, resolving problem and enhancing existing systems
  • Created and maintained a support Website used to distribute programs by support personnel
  • Provided a broad range of network and interface implementation services to medical clients

Previous Years

Senior Business Systems Analyst

MAR 2003 (3 YEARS) 

Administered Novell and Microsoft Windows NT networks, Microsoft SQL Servers and the APPRO Loan Origination System. Optimized the NT operating system and SQL Server performance using both software and Hardware. Created and managed SQL Databases, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Database Device Files and Logs. Optimized SQL Databases and performed capacity planning. Manage SQL Server Security in the Enterprise. Manage APPRO Application Security. Updated and maintained server and desktop hardware and software. Establish and implemented procedures for system monitoring and problem determination and resolution. Provided technical support and assistance to users by acting as the primary user expert, resolving and documenting problems, enhancing existing systems and programs. Wrote custom programs for special projects. Worked on many different personal computers and peripheral equipment in large size business environment. Prepared data processing business requirements and functional specifications of medium to high complexity. Prepared system and desktop documentation and procedures, and user testing for any of the Business Systems Areas. Excellent oral communication and technical writing skills. Understand and follow technical documentation and directions. Displayed knowledge and experience in Banking or Financial institutions. Worked under tight deadlines or extended hours to complete projects.

Senior Systems Engineer on the IBM AS/400 and System 36/38, provided desktop support for 5250 / 3270 emulation devices and terminals. Wrote custom applications in Visual Basic to pull data from the AS/400 system. Worked with all the various departments utilizing the custom loan origination system. Traveled to remote offices to install and build communications and phones systems and to install computer equipment. Distributed reports to management, trained personal using the loan origination system. Managed Windows NT network and SNA

Background Experience – TMI+
Network and Interface specialist. Provide excellent service, advanced knowledge and experience in the installation, support, and troubleshooting of desktop or server operating systems, applications and hardware; Detailed knowledge of all versions of Microsoft DOS, Windows desktop Operating Systems [9X,2000,XP,7,8], Windows Server using Active Directory; Hyper-V, SQL Server [MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle], RDP, RDS, IIS, DNS, DHCP, and MDaemon e-mail servers; Experienced using VMWare and VSphere. Broad understanding of all versions of Microsoft Office, FrontPage, Visual Studio, Visual Basic and many different art and web-page creation tools; Install and configure network equipment, including but not limited to servers, switches, hubs, and cabling; Provide repair services for all computers, monitors, and peripheral equipment; Can quickly identify problem situations and recommend solutions over the phone and/or in person and follow through to resolution of problems ; Perform the installation, operation, and maintenance of desktop application software, including office productivity and Internet resource tools such as web browsers; maintain security of confidential information; Work both independently and as a team player; Meet schedules and timelines; Perform duties effectively with many demands on time and numerous interruptions; assist in providing instruction and assistance to individuals or groups of students; Understand and follow technical documentation and directions; Provide excellent customer service advanced knowledge and experience in the installation, support, and troubleshooting of desktop operating systems Analyze highly complex technical issues and develop logical solutions whenever possible; Read, interpret, and follow rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

Over 30 years in the computing field in general, working with mechanics, electronics, A/V and programming, 20+ years programming Visual Basic 6, 9 years as an Audio-Visual Technician, 6 years in Mortgage Banking and Loan Origination, 11 Years in Medical Systems, 8 years on Novell systems, 8 years as a Systems Support Engineer using the IBM AS/400.

 I am currently extending my skills in the following areas: Windows 10, Server 2012R2, Microsoft AZURE, Microsoft WEB Matrix, Web Services, Linux + Linux Derivatives, SQL Server (MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle), Mobile Websites and Applications, CPanel, C#, VB.Net, IP Camera Security, Home based MultiMedia Systems and repairing/upgrading computes.

 As a side note I have excellent mechanical skills. I recently completely rebuilt my Honda 450X motocross bike – a high performance machine that involves variety of know-how’s and complex mechanical proficiencies of 2-4 stroke engines, suspension, wiring and custom fixes or improvements to current design. I also perform my own car, boat, bicycle repairs.

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